How to transform the human resources into human Capital in the new economy

How to transform the human resources into human Capital in the new economy

08 - February - 2012 11:50
Author: Iuliana Badea

It is said for decades that people are the most important resources of our companies: I will not comment it at all, although I am confident that 75% of the companies which are stating it are not respecting it in fact. I would like to ask you how can we, in the new economic context, to transform our people in our Capital, and how to increase their value in order to increase our company value? What is the best way of transforming our people from liabilities in high value assets?

I believe in people and in their power of transformation, under the right direction and influence. Is your organization ready to position itself convergent to the new economy wave? Have your managers the mind open and the maturity to understand the new way of doing business: high capacity of integrating different specialists and markets, open and transparent commercial liaisons and the most important: the ability of THINKING by ourselves.

My statement to all of you and my approach is the following: I will treat all my colleagues, no matter their maturity and expertise as Unique personalities and I will learn something new from each of them; I will discover their strongest competencies and I will consolidate teams where the weaknesses of each of them will be overlapped by the group strengths. I think this is one good way to create the Human Asset for the new economy. I dare you to state your vision!



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