West Africa at a glance

September - 2012

Burkina Faso is one of the emergent markets in West African region. The country has great potential in various sectors, especially:  mining and exploration; infrastructure; oil and energy; health care.

Our investment team recently visited the West African country in order to meet with high officials and government representatives, including His  Excellency Prime Minister of Burkina Faso.

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Recent visit to Turkey

September - 2012

Considered one of the emergent markets largely developed and with a stable economy, Turkey continues to represent the major attraction for investors, despite European stagnation. As other emergent markets like China, India or Brazil are showing signs of slowing down, Turkey seems to take a bigger role in foreign affairs. Our Investment banking team are already developing projects in the area.

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Small and medium businesses – the engine of a sustainable economy

May - 2012

Government representatives, important business men and financial professionals debated the future of small and medium Romanian businesses in a conference launched by Capital business magazine, with the support of Smith & Felton.

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Lack of infrastructure in Romania, business opportunity for the foreign investors in London

February - 2012

Romania’s problems with the lack of infrastructure were debated in London with the new Transport Minister of Romania, HE Alexandru Nazare A growing country such as Romania needs significant development and maintenance of its transport system. This year, the Romanian Minister of Transportation will receive more than € 14 billion from EU funds for roads and rail infrastructure.

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Smith&Felton had proudly sustained The Romanian Students Conference in London

October - 2011

How to get their first job, how to apply for an internship, how to start a career while still in college, these were the most debated topics at The Romanian Students, Professors and Researchers Conference in London.



The event was organised under the patronage of the Embassy of Romania in London, The British Romanian Chamber of Commerce and the Raţiu Foundation, with the kind support of Smith & Felton and in co-operation with the Romanian Cultural Institute- London.

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